Spa Stay

Your shortcut to peace - at Fjordgarden

2 persons from

DKK 2.698

Stauning Whisky Stay

Experience the world-famous Stauning Whisky distillery

2 persons from

DKK 2.278

Mini RO

two-days stay in Westjutland

2 persons from

DKK 3.496

Mad RO

Two night with a three-course dinner

2 persons from

DKK 1.878



Enjoy the day at the golfcourse and the night at Fjordgaarden

2 persons from

DKK 2.478

New Year's stay

Enjoy the last evening of the year at Fjordgaarden

2 persons from

DKK 7.486

Hotel Stay at Fjordgaarden

Hotel Stay at Fjordgaarden

Fjordgarden offers a well-deserved dose of peace in the midst of everyday chaos. Surrounded and inspired by the nature, water, and wind of West Jutland, we offer one of Denmark's widest spa menus and great dining experiences in our atmospheric restaurant.

This is how we create both the framework and the content for your quiet break.

Take time for peace.

Fjordgaarden is peace. For you. And for those you take a break with. We (yes, most of us actually) generally miss peace in everyday life. And specifically, a physical and mental break from a busy everyday life and time to enjoy special moments with close relationships. Room for quality time with the ones you love. Here, Fjordgården is the answer.

And even though the answer is simple, the variations are many - because peace is many things: A walk in the fresh West Jutland wind, hours of self-indulgence in the spa, a much-needed massage, a long nap in warm duvets, a well-prepared meal served, immersion in a good book, time for long conversations and new experiences, time to do nothing.

Fjordgaarden offers it all. Fjordgaarden offers peace in dedicated versions and several variations.

Great dining experiences in atmospheric surroundings

Well-being is many things. Also, mouthwatering experiences on a well-composed plate. Our chefs carefully select ingredients with thought and care, so you can simply sit back and enjoy the result. Sit down at the table and have an experience.

Experience the West Jutlands wild nature

The surrounding nature is worth exploring to recharge your batteries. Whether you recharge best by being active or sitting and enjoying the view, we guarantee that you will return home rested and with new energy for everyday life.

You can also hop on a bike (which you can borrow for free from us) and take a nice bike ride. A bike ride in West Jutland offers wonderful scents, a gentle breeze, birdsong in your ears, and views of beautiful and wild nature as far as the eye can see. There are many different bike routes, both short routes and longer full-day routes like the "Hedeturen" at approximately 126 km.

See recommendations for different bike routes here.